About Us

we are financial advisers manages individual and corporate finance. We educate individuals in term of personal financial management and financial literacy. we all are expert in our professional field but when it comes to financial part we generally ignores this part or depend on bank employees or agents who works for their own targets and own achievements.

So why not having a personal financial adviser who take care of your all the financial need and be with you in your all financial events.

Our Vision

Financial literacy is our key objective. We understood and experienced the result of this concept. We believe the idea of growing with you and to be part of you and your family in all the financial events

Our Team

Twenty Six Individual Relationship Managers

Fourteen Asset Management Company

One Demat Service Provider

Three Online Mutual fund Platforms

Three Major Banks for Loans

Four PMS Service Providers

One Commodity Investment Analyst

Four life Insurance Company

Four General Insurance Companies

Two Chartered Accounting service providers

We have started this concept in the year 2015 and till now we are catering to 160 families and 18 corporate.